AmazonBasics Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with Built-in Microphone

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No matter whether you are in your kitchen, living room, backyard, in the park or in the beach, Amazonbasics Portable Bluetooth speaker is ready to spice up your life everywhere you go. No more clutters of wires like those that we used to have a few years back.

What is This Bluetooth Speaker Capable of?

Amazonbasics Bluetooth speaker pairs easily with most Bluetooth enabled devices within a range of 30 feet. You can listen to music from your TVs, laptops or tablets, which are Bluetooth enabled for a crisp and clear sound like never before.

You will be amazed to know that it offers a battery life of 15 hours at a go and so it is capable of playing music all night long. However, the duration of battery life depends on individual’s nature of use. Make your battery last longer by playing music at mid volume.

The built-in microphone enables hands free calls, which is very helpful for drivers in a busy street. All you need to do is pair the speaker with your phone before you start and it’s ready to take calls at a single press of a button.

Technical Details

  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Dimension:  3” x 2.4” x 2.8”
  • Speaker: One internal speaker of 3W
  • Color: Black
  • USB: Micro USB charging cable included
  • Bluetooth version: 4.0

What is Special about This Speaker?

Well, when you want to bring in more friends into your conversation, Amazonbasics is a good option for conference calls.

It is not just for making calls but you can also send music wirelessly to your friends or play games with amazing sound quality. While watching movies, the dialogues are ultra clear to catch up all the conversations.

For a small party at home, it is loud enough to fill your rooms with music but it is does not serve the purpose for big parties. Alternatively, when you go hiking, trekking or camping in the wilderness, this portable Bluetooth speaker is a good companion. However, it is not a waterproof speaker and so you should take proper care of the speaker from rain and liquid as electronics and liquid do not mix well. If you want to look further, you may checkout Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell as it is a good alternative if you are fond of outdoor activities because it is a Splash Proof speaker. The latest outdoor tech Turtle ot4200 big turtle shell is very popular among the young generation.

Battery life of this speaker is another exciting feature that gives more than 10 hours of continuous music on a single charge.

The weight and the size of this portable speaker is not an issue because of its small size and therefore, it is quite convenient to take it with you in your backpack.

A Few Downsides of the Speaker You May Reconsider

Although the manufacturer claims to have a built-in microphone for hands free calls, it lacks clarity of sound. When the battery runs out, it dies without a warning signal. Amazonbasics comes without a USB wall charger and Aux input 3.5mm jack. If you intend to use it for gaming and listening to music, it has decent sound as the manufacturer claims.

Reasons Why I bought AmazonBasics Bluetooth Speaker

I spent most of the weekends or holidays away from home and so I bought this speaker to keep me company with music after hectic days of hard work. It is light and small but the music is loud enough to make me shake and sing along with my favorite singer. It has decent battery life to last me for two to three days of music even if I listened to music for three to four hours every day. Over all, I am very happy with this speaker for the features it offers for the price. It is a good buy for you if you are fond of music and love adventurous life.

Professional Cooktops of Premium Quality

Modern Home and Kitchen

Our cooking system in the kitchens need extra attention if we intent to do it the professional style. With improving technology, innovative appliances having refined features are being developed. Modern appliances and gadgets evolve in a way as to suit diverse forms of cooking which are also evolving with every passing day. For those interested in the culinary, you will surely look for appliances that will deliver with fine precision. Add styling and décor to your kitchen and define your cooking with even more professionalism. So here we are dealing with some high-end cooking appliances.


Call it the most up-to-date, induction cooktops make one of the most innovative cooktops. Professional cooking as it is requires the kind of precision and efficiency that induction cooktops feature. Bosch induction cooktops, True Induction cooktops and GE induction cooktops make good choices for the sophistication and sleek design that they are crafted in. You should probably check out their reviews if you want to make the perfect choice.

Induction cooktops specialize in temperature control as well as safety measures. Usually automatic in functionality, induction cooktops offers powerful burners with customizable configurations as well. Induction cooktops are considerably more energy efficient because of its electromagnetic technology. Well, conventional cooktops are a far cry from the sophistication of induction cooktops which have powerful yet flameless burners.

Next in line are the electric cooktops and stove tops. And there are of course those who prefer to use these conventional cooktops. And in fact, some prefer burning flames rather than the smooth flat tops because of the reason that they provide more consistency in heating even on the sides of the cookware. Though the temperature is more responsive, induction cooktops heat up only the bottom surface of the cookware. Of course, all these are a matter of personal preferences. And professional cooking itself is one that’s all about developing personal taste or rather originality in ones cooking. Some of the top electric cooktops are from Whirlpool and Waring. Their cooktops are worth checking out too. And the popular stovetops that most professionals opt for are from renowned brands like Thermador, GE and Bayou patio. Find out more about these cooktops and you will realize how reliable these cooktops are.

What is special about these cooktops, is that you can do a whole lot of cooking or rather you can be sure that they cook any kind of dish. You can have wide-ranging levels of temperature, especially in induction cooktops. So you can do anything from boiling and searing to simmering and melting. In professional cooking, choosing the right cooking appliances is the key to cooking right and perfection; it comes with cooking efficiency. So check out what experts think about the cooking appliances they like and why they choose certain cooktops and appliances. It could sure be beneficial for you.

Well, these cooktops are one of the primary kitchen essentials perfect for diverse cooking in many professional kitchen. Powerful and efficient, such cooking will surely help you to get more organized especially if you are cooking for a feast. Hopefully, these elegant modern appliances, apart from other useful modern gadgets will inspire to be even more passionate in cooking.

Get Your Music Collection Mastered With Media Players

Music Related Gadgets

When you are in the mood for music, how to you stay tuned in? Do you generate your favorite playlist on your media player or go listen to the top hits on radio? Whether it is a Bollywood tune or Hollywood tune, music is one thing that every one of us feels attached to. And if music is your soul mate, you simply must have music on the go. Get yourself the best mixes on your media player and boom with mini speakers or however you choose to enjoy it.

Over the years, music lovers are changing the way they listen to music. Mobile phones are becoming a vital part of our lives and naturally we carry our music along with us everywhere. Now our concern has shifted to, how to organize our huge music collection of your favorite artists, rather than, how to carry our music. Well, it is the basic functionality of media players to organize our music files in many different ways.


Moving on along with technology, everything is getting easier and faster. Whether it is a desktop or a tablet or a phone, we have become more and more particular about how convenient and user friendly our music players are, or for that matter any other application we have. Of course, we want little or no fuss at all while trying to play your tracks, don’t you?

Well, as for me I expect my media player to organize my music well enough to make me go through my music collection with ease and also sync with my smartphone. I upgraded my media player recently because I wanted no fuss or hustle especially when I try to find my favorite new tracks and at the same time look good while doing it.

There are a good number of different media players available. Besides, these media players keep getting reinvented time and again for improved functionality. Android users are lucky to find a wide range of free music players on Google Play. Do check out some of the top ranking free media players on Google Play, which are in fact quite fabulous to use.

A good media player will be essentially flexible, fast and functional. The popular ones among people are usually those media players which have simple and clean looking interface because the whole point of getting a media player is actually to organize things to simpler and easier formats. Most media players allow us to browse through music on the internet as well as buy the music albums or tracks online. It will also support most of the song formats and has the ability to produce good quality audio sound when paired with Bluetooth speakers or other audio source. Well, these are some of the new and exceptional features worth considering.

Without a media player, your music folder could get into a real mess and your MP3 files could get scattered everywhere. A music player organizes your music collection and gives you the power to be the master of your collection. Therefore, your media player will in fact reflect your taste in music by helping you organize your tunes.

It’s Weatherproof & it Floats; Ecoxgear Bluetooth Speaker

Music Related Gadgets

It has the perfect style and look that I wanted. The Ecoxgear Eco stone portable speaker flashes with bold fashion. The size is handy enough, and the weight, light enough to carry around, and the technology, smart enough for the speaker to float on water. And, what’s more, it has a sturdy and well crafted build. Of the many Bluetooth speakers available, this model is a good choice and a great investment.

The Ecoxgear Eco Stone Bluetooth speaker comes in five trendy color choices: orange, black, red, blue and the Max Camo.



With a dimension of 5 x 3.7 x 10.1 inches, it is rightly sized for comfort. Though it is build with a sturdy feel and weigh, it floats when it slips into water. So you can flaunt your speaker whenever you take a plunge in your pool with friends. So here goes the speakers amazing features:


My Ecoxgear Eco Stone speaker can withstand extreme weather conditions. Dustproof, Waterproof as well as heatproof (well almost; it can withstand 140 to 165°F temperature range). I have proof. My Eco Stone has been through the roughs, like that heated desert storm last winter when I toured through a desert region in Africa. Well, it passed the Military Grade testing (MIL810G), after all. Want to check out how tough military Grade testing is? You should. It is US based military. Beat that.


With rugged rubber casing designed to make it shockproof, the stone-toughness ultimately shows. And what about its protective shells; silicon encasings and metal grills. Chances are, the speaker will outlast my lifetime. It is up to me to not make that happen. Simply take it through the roughest adventures and all the pumpy rides. Well, you know who my companion is on my rough rides, right? Music! And it’s durable music if I must say.


This Ecoxgear waterproof speaker also makes a perfect poolside parting booster. If it means anything to you, being able to keep your speaker afloat while you enjoy in the splashing in the pool, my Ecostone has IP68 waterproof certification which means it can powerful jets and even submersion up to 3 feet deep water body. Well, you probably need not worry about what happens if we go deeper than 3 feet. It won’t sink, it would float up anyway.

Lively Audio Output

The speaker’s sound clean and crisp on the higher frequencies and with a 4 inch radiator that reinforces the lower-end frequencies, the audio output is overwhelming. The passive subwoofer mounted on the rear makes the bass boom more. Eco Stone couples Hi-fi and rugged. You can also pair it with other audio system such as mini amp, using a cable.

Good Battery Life

The Eco Stone Portable speaker has a whooping battery capacitance of 2800mAh which can last me a whole day (12 hours) on a single charge. And, if you must play it at night too, the speaker comes with a USB charger so you can get it recharged from your car or any other power bank.

Bluetooth Range

The wireless pairing is considerably good. With a Bluetooth range of 60 feet, it provides prompt pairing and smooth streaming. Most Bluetooth speakers have cliches when playing over the Bluetooth but this speaker will hardly give any problems regarding wireless connectivity.

What actually holds my interest for the speaker?

With such fabulous style and feature, I would not ask for more. But I was elated to find out that the price was so reasonable. It was not exorbitant at all. But of course, you will need to check out the best price deals. Besides, if you are not ready to spend big, you should probably check on some innovative speakers like the Crazzie C6 Bluetooth speaker.

The Percussion Family Of Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Rock and Roll music without using percussion instruments would be a disaster performance. It’ll be like, tea without sugar. Can you imagine a Rock concert without a bass drum or an electronic drum set?

No matter what genre of music you listen to, the sound of music will be very dull and unattractive without the foundation of the percussion instruments.

Percussion instrument plays a very important role in the overall performance of the orchestra, musical events or any music ensembles.percussion

Six Percussion Instruments that appeals listeners the most

Percussion Instruments that are most commonly used by musicians around the world include the following instruments:

The Bass Drum

Bass drum belongs to a family of percussion instruments that adds value and spice to any kind of musical genres.

The bass drums are usually large in size when compared to other instruments. It has the capability to produce low and high bass sound similar to that of a woofer.

Bass drums are mostly categorized into three different types:

The Orchestral bass drum, Concert bass drum and the Kick drum.


The conga instrument is a part of percussion family. It has a narrow but tall, single headed Cuban drum. They are mostly in the Carnaval rhythm called the conga. It is the principle instrument in rumba. The Cuban conga is staved like a barrel.

Today, congas are most commonly used in Latin music, salsa music, meringue music, reggae and other forms of popular music.


The cymbal is one of the most common percussion family of instruments. Cymbals are usually made from various types of alloys and they are mostly round in shape.

Cymbals when crash, splash or smash can get very loud and clear with high pitch.

Cymbals are most frequently used to accompany any ensembles like that of an orchestra performance, jazz bands, marching musical groups and in percussion ensembles as well.

The Bongo Drum

Bongos are a combination of Afro-Cuban percussion instrument.

The bongo drum comes in different sizes, the small drum is called Macho in Spanish and the larger drum is called Hembra.

These instruments or the membranophones produce sound by a vibration of a stretched membrane.

They are membranophones, or instruments that create sound by a vibration of a stretched membrane.

Electronic Drum

An electronic drum is also included in the family of percussion instrument.

The electronic drum normally consists of a set of pads that are mounted on a stand in a disposition similar to an acoustic drum kit. Each pad is discs with a rubber or cloth-like coating. The pads have a sensor that generates an electric signal when struck.

The electric signal is transmitted through cables into an electronic module, which produces a sound associated to the selected pad. The electronic synthesizer plays a very important role in producing quality sound.

The Marching Percussion

Marching percussion musical instruments are uniquely designed to be played while marching or moving with a group of people, accompanied by singing marching song. These drums are designed and tuned for maximum articulation and projection of sound because it’s mostly used outdoors or in open space.

The drummer usually attached the drum on his chest or shoulder with a special harness, to balance the weight of the drum when moving. Marching bands also use the traditional baldrics to sling the drums while matching.

The above mentioned instrument belongs to a family of Percussion musical instruments. These instruments are highly useful and important in producing wonderful sound of music when it’s accompanied with other instruments like keyboard and guitar.

Individually, they may not be very attractive and touching when compared to other instruments like violin, keyboards and much more, however without the support of these instruments, musical concert or for that matter, any ensembles will not be complete without these instruments.

Shakira, The Incredible Hip-Shaking Belly Dancer and Singer

Pop Stars


Shakira’s Childhood Life

Nidia Ripoll, the second wife of William Chadid, gave birth to Shakira on 2 February 1977 at Barranquilla in Colombia. Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is her name in full. Shakira is an Arabic word and it means “grateful”. Her father was Lebanese and her mother had a Spanish and Italian ancestry. She is a Roman catholic by faith. She has eight other older siblings from the previous marriage of her father. She is the only child of Nidia and William Mebarak. Barrangquilla in the northern coast of Columbia was the place where she spent most of the days of her youth.

Shakira was talented in writing poems, and so, she wrote her first poem The Crystal Rose at a very young age of four. As she grew up, her father influenced her in writing stories on a typewriter. When she was seven years old, she got a typewriter as a Christmas gift from her father and since then, writing poetry became her passion. Most of her poems evolved into songs. Shakira’s first song was titled “Your Dark Glasses”. The death of her older half brother in a motor cycle accident as the reason of her father’s grief wore dark glasses for many years. Shakira was only two years then and as she grew up, she was inspired by her father to write this song when she was only eight years old.

The belly dancing performance she saw in one of the local Middle Eastern restaurant at the age of four had a deep impact on her live performance in her later years. In the first grade of her school, she used to dance and sing for the schoolmates, but in the second grade, the music teacher rejected her to join the school choir on the ground that her vibrato sounded like a goat.

When Shakira was very young, her father wanted to instill the true meaning of gratitude for what she was in her heart and so he took her to a local park to see how the orphans lived there. The memories of how the orphans lived there had a deep impact on her and so she said that she would help those kids when she became a famous artist in the days to come and she was true to her heart in helping the poor and the needy. She wanted the children of Colombia to receive quality education and so she founded the Pies Descalzos Foundation to materialize her dream.

Shakira’s Popularity as Stardom  

The ages from 10 to 13 were a time when she started gaining recognition in Barranquilla and so she got the chance for audition by Sony Columbia. She performed three songs in the audition and they were impressed with her performance that they gave a contract to record three albums with Sony, Colombia.

Although she was popular in the rest of the world, she could not achieve major records in the United States, and therefore, she along with her family moved to Miami in Florida when she was 20 years old. She taught herself how to write English songs and released her album Laundry Service in 2001. It brought her fame and success in the United States. The album was charted no.3 with a record of selling 200,000 copies in the first week of release and since then, there was no looking back.

In 2005, Shakira’s Fijacion Oral bagged the Grammy award for the best Latin rock music. Her album was in the top ten twice. In 2007 and 2008, she toured extensively to promote her concert album “Live” and “Oral Fixation”. Later in 2009, she released another album titled “She Wolf” which hit number 15 in the Billboard chart. Musicians and singers of different genres like country singers, pop, rock, etc. appreciated and applauded her achievements and recognized her as a world class singer. In 2010, she collaborated with the Africans FreshlyGroup and released her album Sale El Sol which included the official theme song of the World Cup “Waka Waka(This Time For Africa)”. It became the all time highest selling song of the world Cup. She closed the 2014 FIFA’s World Cup ceremony in Brazil with the song “La La La (Brazil)”.

Shakira is married to Gerard Pique and the couple already has two sons from their marriage. She admitted that the real purpose of her life is not to shake always but to do some more charitable works as she ages gracefully. Let us hope that the inspiration she had as a child remains to live in her heart such that she always has a heart for the poor.

My New Bluetooth Speaker; it’s Crazzie cool, it’s Waterproof

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C6-Crazzie-Bluetooth-SpeakerDo you often hunt for fresh new gadgets? I do and I try to update my stuffs with more the more innovative ones. But I feel so damn lucky to have found this speaker. At such a good price, I cannot ask for more. Well, I was not ready to go for big prices but I needed something worth a purchase. This Crazzie Bluetooth speaker possesses almost all the features I wanted in a portable waterproof speaker. Small in size, lightweight and compact with decent functionality, it is all that could ask for.

Nice and Handy

The Crazzie Bluetooth Speaker comes in just one color combination, gray and black. It looks cool and it is handy especially when I take a shower. Weighing as light as 5.36 ounces, it can comfortably be suctioned to the smooth tile surface. Besides it has one of the smallest dimension (3.74 x 1.77 x 3.43) for a Bluetooth speaker in the present market. So, it is super portable; I can carry it anywhere in my bag or in my pocket. Well, here are the key features:

Clear Audio Output

Considering the price range, I bet you will not expect much of its performance. But for a 5Watt speaker, it has a surprisingly good audio output that first captivated me. It also has clear and sensational sounding speaker that has fairly good range of Total harmonic Distortion and Noise Cancelling (THD +N 10%). And with 90db (decibel) S/N, the noise floor is fairly quite. You may want to know more about the detailed implications.

Decent Bluetooth Range

Over the month, I have my obsession with my speaker has grown. It is always nice to have music playing in the background when I work. So the speaker now remains attached to me whether indoors or outdoors, whether I spend a whole day working in my apartment or when I take a long drive. The Bluetooth connection covers room to room distances with negligible interruption.

Water Resistance

Like I said, I take it in when I shower. Because this crazy speaker has water resistance, it is safe from splashes and light rain. As long as it does not get immersed in water, crazzie C6 speaker will work all good whether indoors or outdoors.

Hands Free Speaker Phones

Portable as its size is, it is a delight that I can take calls on this Crazzie Bluetooth speaker. It comes in handy especially when I’m driving. With easy functionality, it is as easy as a press of a button to I take important calls. Well, it is more preferable over picking on the phone because it seems safer having the speaker attached to the dashboard where it stays put.

Battery Life

A battery capacitance of 3.7volt or 500mAh, supports a normal playtime of a full 5 hours. And it comes with a USB cable charger which allows you to get it charged from almost any sort of power bank; your car or your computer.

User Friendly

Setting it up was done in just a jiffy. I had no difficulty whatsoever. I think anyone will find these simplest steps easy. It is also nice and easy to pair the speaker to my tablet or my computer and of course my phone. It is easily noticeable when paired or charging because a Blue/red LED light blinks on.

Why the Craze for the Speaker.

The Crazzie C6 Waterproof speaker has a cool and poised look about it that simply fascinated me at first. I knew it was new and it may be build with smart innovations but what I did not know till I tried it was that it worked like a boombox. Well, honestly, at its size, I was not expecting such boom and clarity. It did impress me and yes, its rubber material lends extra portability. You can also check out other waterproof speakers of your choice.

Taylor Swift — the Sweet Heart Country Singer of All Times

Country Stars

taylor-swiftEarly Childhood Life

The famous country singer and songwriter Taylor Swift was born on 13th of December 1989 to Scott Kingley Swift and Andrea Gardner. Taylor Swift attended Alvernia Montessory School as her first pre and kindergarten school. When she was nine years old, her family shifted to a rented house in Wyomissing in Pennslyvania. She used to spend most of her summer vacations at her parents’ water front vacation home in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. It was there that Taylor Swift’s childhood memories were formed, and so, even today, she has fond memories of that place.

When Taylor Swift was nine years old, she developed interest in musical theaters and attended acting and vocal lessons at Broadway. Shania Twain’s songs deeply influenced Taylor Swift. She used to daydream about everything to become someone like Shania Twain, so she used to spend most of her weekends at fairs, karaoke contest, garden clubs and even coffee-houses but failed in her attempts. However, at the age of eleven, she got a chance to appear in the opening act for Charlie Daniels at a Strausstown ampitheater.

Teenage Life of Taylor Swift

At the age of fourteen, her family moved to Nashville and there, Swift participated at a BMI songwriters showcase in 2004 at the Bitter End in New York and she became the youngest songwriter at the age of 15. The year 2006 was very important for her because she was then struggling to gain her popularity. On October 24 2006, her first album Taylor Swift was released and later in 2007 and 2008, more singles like Teardrops on My Guitar, Picture to Burn, Should’ve Said No and Our Song etc. followed and attained Billboard Hot Country Chart No.1 and since then, there was no looking back. The later albums Speak Now 2010 and Red 2012 were also a huge success.

Taylor Swift owes her gratitude to Shania Twain, Faith and Dixie chicks for their influence in her career. Most of all, Shania was her role model. Taylor Swift wanted to imitate everything about Shania Twain. She also owes her gratitude to her mom for giving her the confidence to act as a child and attributes her fascination for storytelling and writing to her mom. The first song Taylor Swift learned to play on a guitar was Cowboy Take Me Away by Dixie Chicks.

The Real Taylor Swift We See Today

Taylor Swift has polite manners and she is very conscious of htaylor playing guitarer influence on her young fans. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she is the Best People Person next to Bill Clinton. She is also very concerned about her fans by way of recognizing them in Award Ceremonies. She is very fond of interacting with fans on social media like Instagram and Tumbler. She received praises for her work from many veteran artists including the rock band– Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi, pop idol Shakira, and many others.

Taylor Swift is not just a songwriter, singer and actor but a philanthropist as well. She has the heart of giving and helping the needy. In recognition of her dedication to help others in need, she received awards like Do Something Award, The Big Help Award, and The Robert F.Kennedy Centre for Justice and Human Rights Award.

In the Lowa flood of 2008, Taylor Swift donated$100,000 to the Red Cross for helping the victims.

In 2009, she donated $250,000 to schools that she had attended or associated with for paying teachers’ salary, buying books and educational programs for students of the country.

In 2010, Taylor swift donated $75,000 to Nashville Hendersonville High school to renovate the lighting and sound system of the auditorium. The same year, she also donated $500,000 to Tennessee Flood victims.

In 2011, Taylor Swift raised more than $750,000 from her Speak Now tour in the United States and donated it all to the victims of Tornadoes in the United States. The same year, she also donated $25,000 to St. Jude Children’s research Hospital in Tennessee.

In 2012, she pledged to donate 4 million dollars for building the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, which was a new education center in Nashville.

In 2013, she took part in Reach out and Read program and donated 2000 scholastic books to Reading Hospital Child Health Center, which was a program for early literacy of children.

In 2014, all the earnings of Taylor Swift’s song Welcome to New York was donated to New York City Public School. In addition to that, she also donated $100,000 to V Foundation for Cancer Research and another $50,000 to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

We can learn many things from Taylor Swift as a singer, songwriter, actor and a philanthropist. So far, she does not have any bad influence on her young fans. She is polite to everyone alike. She is the kind of daughter every parent wanted their daughters to be. She is a role model to millions of young boys and girls. There should be more of Taylor Swift-like models in the celebrity world to make this world a better place to live.

Why Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker is Becoming So Popular?

Music Related Gadgets

I am that type of person who is very skeptical and choosy when buying any products, especially modern electronic gadgets. Call me crazy or old fashioned, I have the habit of checking out all the features, pros and cons, and other details before deciding and buying any products. To my own benefit, this old habit of mine helps me choose the one that best suits me and avoid tomorrows’ disappointment.

Mini_Waterproof_Wireless_speakerMusic is one good art that makes our life cheerful and livelier. Every one of us like listening to music because, it has the power of enlightening our body, mind and soul. Among the many devices that can play music, personally, portable Bluetooth speaker seems to be the best for its good features and ability to play good music anytime anywhere. It is one of my favorite gadgets, and the one that you will always find in my pocket or bag. I like and prefer portable Bluetooth speakers because they are rich in sound quality, portable and offer many other useful features.

Why Should You Go for Waterproof Models

You are also aware that portable Bluetooth speakers are of different designs and available in different size and shape. Some are very small in size that you can easily slide it inside your pocket while some are bigger and produce louder thumping sound. You can also get Bluetooth speakers of different shape like round, box, cube, triangle, etc. What I mean to say is, choices are too much that it is not an easy task choosing a Bluetooth speaker.

Waterproof portable Bluetooth speakers are the new and latest of its type that you will find in the market today. Opting waterproof models over the ordinary Bluetooth speaker models will benefit you more in the long run. I bought one ordinary, common Bluetooth speaker during that time when portable Bluetooth speakers were new in the market. It was great and I liked it, but I noticed some areas for improvement. Now I have a waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker and when I do a comparison or as per my experience with both models, waterproof models give double benefits.

The waterproofing level of your speaker is determined by its IP rating. The higher the IP rating, your speaker can withstand liquid and solid intrusion to a higher level. IP ratings will have two numbers or sometime you will find the symbol X. The first number indicates protection level over solid particles and the second number indicates liquid protection level. For example, if the IP rating of your speaker is 67, it indicates it can protect most of the solid and liquid intrusion. Buying a waterproof speaker will give you the following extra benefits.

Benefits You Will Get

  • Waterproof speakers are built with tougher material and so it is sure to last longer.
  • The best thing is that it can withstand water splash or accidental drop in water.
  • Since it is waterproof, it can be used as a shower speaker too.
  • Waterproof models are more suited for outdoor music and outdoor adventure.
  • Best for playing music at the beach, pool, bathroom, riverside, camping, etc.
  • Waterproof speakers also offer long battery life for unlimited music.
  • Waterproof models also produce excellent audio sound.
  • They come with many other useful added features.
  • Plus, waterproof models will not cost you more extra money.

Having stated the above points, I feel it is more reasonable and wiser to go for waterproof models over common ones.

The Move & Groove Speaker is Mini Yet a Grand Bass Generator

Music Related Gadgets

bluetooth-speakerA chubby pocket sized speaker but the Move & Groove mini speaker opens like an accordion to play with an even more amplified bass. Sounds coolly sonorous, doesn’t it? Well, it’s a lovable mini Bluetooth speaker that you can move and groove along with. Its small size hardly takes any space and it so snugly fits in any of my pockets, or for that matter two to three of them fits very nicely into my carry bag. I’ll tell you why I bought three of them.


It’s a finely crafted spherical speaker at a diameter of 60mm only slightly flattened on the top and bottom standing chubby cute at a height of 44mm. And it weighs just 3.17oz, so light I tend to forget I have it in my pocket if it was not for its chubbiness.


The speaker comes in a nice looking design and that too in black color. I tell you it’s a sweet, bold one. I have here listed some of the key features. You might want to check it out-

Sound Sonic Quality

My Move and Groove Mini speaker has surprisingly big sound that none of my friends really expected it to sound like. And I do love the fact that I can pop it up like an accordion and blast it fuller and bigger. With a 3 watt 40mm audio driver, it sounds sonorous and flashes like a power-ball.

Easy Portability

Like I said, it is lightweight and can be carried and played anywhere on the go. And yes, anywhere I go, everyone admires the cool look it sports. This is quite a catch. ­Do check out other models of bluetooth speaker on our lists.

Prompt Wireless Connectivity

This mini speaker pairs automatically through Bluetooth within seconds. Move & groove with the mini speaker, it has a pleasant Bluetooth range extending up to 33 feet and very much compatible with just about any Android and MAC device. Experience the seamless wireless streaming anywhere you go with it. Through cable, you can also connect to other audio gadgets.

Line-in Feature

An interesting feature as you will find out; the speaker is useful for amplifying the audio when watching soccer matches. Even movies feel much nicer with all the music and sound effects amplified on my speaker. Without the speaker, I realized my TV speaker actually sounded so pathetic. And not to forget, the playback time of the mini speaker only gets longer when connected through AUX cable. It just takes a press of a button to switch between Line-in mode and Bluetooth mode.

Battery Life

The battery capacitance is small but reasonable for its size. Anyway, I hardly bother about the battery life because the speaker comes with a USB charger and it takes merely 2 hours to get it fully charged. So, you can conveniently charge it anywhere on the go.

Special connecting feature that I love

Well, this pairing feature is one that I cannot miss out. I love the fact that I can connect a good many of this speaker in a row and that too through cables so that you can be sure of a more secure connection. You can imagine how I love the sonorous sound in my room once I fit all the paired speakers on all corners. Yeah!

What’s the worth of the Move & Groove Speaker

Definitely more than its cost! Considering its price point, I can only say it’s a surprise how such a decent speaker like this one comes at such a great price. I honestly think the price should be a catch in the market. Because reliability now I know is guaranteed by my months of use.